Manage multiple servers like a boss with csshX!

Servers (and other SSH enabled devices like switches, routers and Raspberry Pis) multiply like rabbits in today’s cloud-ready world and sys admins often need to perform the same task on many remote server instances via SSH. If this sounds familiar, then csshX (Cluster SSH for OS X) is your friend!

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The colorful magic of ccze

ccze is a wonderful tool that brings real joy to the arduous task of reading or searching thru log files. #nerdalert
We’ve been using ccze for many years but recently stumbled (um, actually, rtfm’d) upon the “missing” feature, namely the ability to output the colorized results in a format that can be piped to grep. Introducing the -A flag!

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High Altitude Balloon – Sensor Data Collection

This is the code that flew in our first successful high altitude mission collecting data from the sensors that I (ungracefully) soldered onto a home etched circuit board hooked up to an Arduino . We used the data to build some cool interactive graphs using Google’s graph engine.

You can see data graphs, photos and video from the flight at

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