NATO Phonetic Alphabet Poster

At Outside Open we LOVE industrial design! Our office is full of classic examples from the beautiful 230lb fire hydrant to the classic 1947 bakelite rotary telephone.

With the honest fine tuned functionality of industrial design in mind, we set out to design a fresh take on the International Radiotelephony Spelling Alphabet, otherwise known as the NATO Phonetic Alphabet.

In addition to the phonetic alphabet, we have added other useful tools for those seeking to learn morse code, naval semaphores and letter flags.

We enjoy giving back to the community and have released the poster and assets for free.  For a limited time, Color Services Photo Lab has partnered with us and will ship you a free poster for the cost of S&H only!

The poster was designed at Outside Open in Santa Barbara by Greg Lawler, Katherine Wang and Chris Ragland with production in Adobe InDesign by Katherine and Chris.

Printing generously donated by the good folks at Color Services Photo Lab in Santa Barbara.

Please contact us if you are interested in re-branding or would like to pursue commercial distribution of the poster.

Go here to learn more about our design process.

With this NATO alphabet chart you will no longer need to use “M as in Mancy” during a support call with your mom, or while defusing a bomb.

Nato Alphabet Download


International Code of Signals

These maritime flags are used by sailors to visually communicate letters and messages while maintaining radio silence.


International Morse Code

The world’s first digital code. The length of each letter’s code corresponds to the frequency of that letter’s usage in Morristown, New Jersey’s newspaper in 1837.



Pre-electronic flag letter signals for naval communication represented in a circle. The peace sign was created by combining the letters N (Nuclear) and D (Disarmament).