pfSense is a secure and proven open source firewall.  As we grow, we find ourselves managing more and more pfSense firewalls across our client base.

pfMb is a utility that we have created to automatically backup multiple pfSense firewalls easily and securely.  pfMb can be configured to run on any interval and will keep as many previous backup as you would like.  In case of hardware failure or a bad config, simply restore a previous version from backup and you’ll be up and running in short order.

The script is secure and will only connect via SSH using SSH key authentication instead of passwords.  We use pfMb on Mac and Linux but it should work on any *nix under bash.

We have release pfMb as open source software under the GPL 2.0 license.  You can download the latest version of pfMb over at GitHub…  enjoy!

pfsense multi config backup script