There are two fantastic tools to install on you new Mac: After you install iTerm2,  it’s time to install Homebrew!

Homebrew is a package manager  – think apt-get for OS X.  It is trivial to install and instantly gives you access to thousands of open source tools and utilities. According to the creators of Homebrew, “Homebrew installs the stuff you need that Apple didn’t.”

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Homebrew installs the stuff you need that Apple didn’t.


Top 10 (or more) most useful Homebrew apps to get you started. (Paste this list into your terminal once you get Homebrew installed.)

brew install git
brew install git-open
brew install wget
brew install nmap
brew install ncftp
brew install lynx
brew install iftop
brew install bash-completion
brew install suricata
brew install ccze
brew install ansible
brew install mtr
brew install ssh-copy-id
brew install autossh
brew install asciiquarium
brew install cask
brew install tree
brew install speedtest_cli
brew install certbot
brew cask install --appdir="/Applications" unetbootin


Screenshot showing Homebrew installing mtr on Mac OS X.

(mtr is a fun and useful ICMP tool which combines ping and traceroute into a realtime display of packet loss across all the path entries returned by traceroute.)