Last week SpaceX changed space flight forever by launching, and then subsequently landing, a 15 story tall booster rocket on a moving platform in the ocean.  In a similar (but less dramatic) launch, has changed the Internet forever by offering free SSL certificates for everyone!
SSL is the protocol that encrypts web traffic between your web browser and websites, making it a lot harder for the bad guys to listen in and steal your data.

Let’s Encrypt is a non profit foundation funded by many of the biggest names in technology and their goal is to encrypt all web traffic.  To achieve this goal, Let’s Encrypt offers SSL certificates for free to anyone who asks.
The process for getting the free certs is 100% automated with free tools available on Git Hub.  Back in the day, getting SSL certs was expensive and tedious so it is a welcomed pleasure to easily deploy certs for free to all our clients.

Outside Open has committed to converting all the sites we manage to SSL by the end of Q2, 2016.